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GracoRoberts is an authorized distributor of Armite Lubricants, who manufactures general purpose and industrial lubricants, anti-seize compounds, thread compounds, sealants, penetrants, and similar specialty compounds and products.

Armite leverages the latest lubricant technologies offering custom products to a wide range of industries. Armite’s focus is to keep your machinery, equipment, and similar assets running at peak efficiency with maximum reliability and reduced downtime, thus minimizing lost revenue.

FEATURED PRODUCT: 12|34® Formula

This product is a Multi-Use Corrosion Preventive Compound (CPC) Qualified by the Department of Defense and included in the QPL for MIL-PRF-81309H(1) Type 2 Class 1 (Bulk Liquid) and Type 2 Class 2 CO2 (Aerosol) and is used to reduce handling costs and maintenance for products in storage until the materials are ready for processing.

12|34® Formula was developed to protect materials in storage and to reclaim materials damaged by weather and/or saltwater exposure. 

Product Applications/Uses

  • Fit for corrosion prevention and rust removal in multiple shipboard and shore installation applications for the Navy
  • Fit for general aviation where light aluminum sections and component parts require protection to prevent corrosive oxidation
  • Fit for multiple industrial applications due to it’s versatility and performance

Safety Data Sheets: SDS – 12|34® Formula – Aerosol  |  SDS – 12|34® Formula – Bulk Liquid

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