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Defense Logistics & Compliance

15 Years of Service. 7,000+ Deliveries. Zero Broken Promises.

Under the Graco Supply Company brand, GracoRoberts offers end-to-end supply chain management of specialty chemicals for military operations and programs.

Our turnkey partnership with engineers, manufacturers, and end-users offers defense-focused technical expertise, data, and specialty materials needed to support the production and repair of the aircraft that protect our nation. With a focus on confidentiality, communication, and trust, GracoRoberts’ Defense Logistics & Compliance customers benefit from reduced costs, quality improvements and on-time deliveries to achieve their supply chain initiatives.

100% Focus on Confidentiality, Communication, and Trust

  • Quality Control – verify specification compliance; address and resolve quality issues when they arise
  • Availability – manage inventory and suppliers to ensure timely access to mission critical materials and competitive pricing
  • Compliance – with all federal regulations including DFARS, ITAR, Cyber Security, SSP, POA&M, NIST, and others to ensure sensitive materials and proprietary information remain secure

Our customers also benefit from our in-house capabilities which include:

Aircraft in flight

Christopher Jensen

Your Trusted Partner

GracoRoberts’ Defense Logistics & Compliance Program Manager, Christopher Jensen, has extensive experience managing proprietary information for customers to support the production and repair of the aircraft that protect our nation. He’s here to assist you with the technical expertise, data, and specialty materials needed to support your supply chain initiatives.

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Cost Reductions with a Focus on Quality

A confidential aerospace defense company sought a new distribution partner when they were faced with the stresses of managing multiple suppliers, various shelf-life controls, issues with paperwork accuracy, different shipping points, and inconsistent quality control methods.

Graco Supply Company provided a distribution and proprietary information agreement and became the customer’s complete solution for ordering, receiving, handling, stocking, and shipping sensitive materials.

After more than 15 years of partnership, Graco Supply Company has shipped nearly 2 million pounds of material without any missed shipments. With a laser-sharp focus on quality, supply chain solutions, and turnkey project management, we have what it takes to meet and exceed your goals.