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All You Need To Know About Composites

A composite material is made up from a minimum of two materials, which together combine to provide properties better than those of each individual material. Composite materials have been used in aerospace in applications such as engine blades, brackets, interiors, nacelles, propellers/rotors, single aisle wings, wide-body wings. From enhancing fuel efficiency to ensuring durability, composites play a vital role in constructing the aircraft of tomorrow.

Composites have many different applications in the aerospace industry.

Aircraft Structures: Composites find extensive use in constructing aircraft structures, including fuselages, wings, and tail sections. They offer a high strength-to-weight ratio, which improves fuel efficiency and reduces overall weight.

Engine Components: Composites may be used in engine components, such as fan blades and casings. Their strength and heat-resistant properties are particularly important here.

Interior Components: Interior components, such as cabin panels, lavatory modules, and galleys, use composites to reduce weight and improve durability.

Helicopter Rotors: Helicopter rotor blades are regularly made from composite materials, reducing their weight and increasing performance.

Missiles and UAVs: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and missile structures often incorporate composites due to their high strength and weight reduction properties.

Aerostructures: Composites are also used in various aerostructures, such as fairings, winglets, and flaps, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency.

Nacelles: Nacelles, the casings around aircraft engines, often feature composites to improve aerodynamics and reduce noise.

Radar Domes: Composites can be used in radar domes on military aircraft because of their radio frequency transparency.

Composites are clearly a versatile asset to the industry, offering an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio alongside high durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions. In the present and the future, they will continue to be indispensable in aerospace design and manufacturing.

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PCC short roll composites

With the acquisition of Pacific Coast Composites, GracoRoberts offers customers immediate access to pre-cut and custom sized composite materials fit to your quality requirements. We offer adhesive films, pre-pregs, cloths, process materials, aluminum foil/mesh, and foaming adhesives.

As a stocking distributor, we supply a wide range of ready-to-ship pre-cut materials so you can avoid the large MOQs and long lead times experienced when ordering full-size composite films through manufacturers. Our rapid-response customer service and fulfillment experts work together to quickly get you the product you need with same day shipping options for AOG and line-down situations.

Our short roll offering is eco-friendly, minimizing scrap and costs resulting from materials expiration dates and shelf-life management. Short rolls can also be consolidated in one shipment, eliminating multiple freight and other packaging costs.

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