GracoRoberts is a distributor of Contec, a leading manufacturer of contamination control products for mission-critical cleaning in manufacturing environments worldwide.

Contec keeps things clean – really clean. They are a manufacturer of contamination control products for sensitive environments. They understand the unique cleaning needs of industrial, chemical, semiconductor, and aerospace manufacturing, and go to great lengths to ensure their products are top notch. Headquartered in South Carolina, Contec has manufacturing in the United States and Asia.

For the aerospace industry, Contec creates surface preparation products. Many of their wipes are available in single-sheet dispenser style, or on rolls.

As a distributor, we offer various types of cleaners including:

SATWIPES® Presaturated Wipes – Contec shows off its customizable products in presaturated solvent wipes, SATWipes Hand and Tool Cleaner, and SATWipes Hand Scrubber Towels. These can be custom produced for cleaning just about any surface imaginable. Anything from mild cleansers to tough solvents can be presaturated into their towels, achieving industrial uniformity, portability, and convenience. Everything from the type of wipe, to the solvent, to the look of the canister can be customized to fit your specific needs. All fabrics and solvents are Aerospace approved, and even the toughest of solvents can be applied in this manner.

Knitted Wipes® – These are used in general cleaning applications where no special precautions are required. Highly absorbent, they are perfect for wiping up spills, removing excess sealant, or wiping up composite solvents.

Microfiber Wipes® – Made using the latest technology, Contec’s washable microfiber wipes provide incredible cleaning, while using far less pressure and effort than conventional products. These wipes easily and quickly remove polish, glaze, wax and other surface contamination.

Nonwoven Wipes® – Superior to traditional shop towels and rags, Contec’s nonwoven critical task wipes and other nonwoven products have been designed to withstand the toughest cleaning and wiping tasks. Rugged nonwoven wipes are available in a variety of cellulose/polyester and rayon blends

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