To fit your specific applications, GracoRoberts provides in-house packaging of commercial and custom-formulated products into custom dispensing systems. These systems reduce waste and physical contact with materials, as well as eliminate the time required for material weighing, mixing and repacking at your facility.

Our ready-to-use dispensing systems provide accurate blend ratios and consistency – ensuring uniform quality across repeated applications. We provide a wide selection of dispenser types, sizes and mix ratios to support your material requirements and applications.

Our dispensing capabilities include the following:

  • Single Cartridge Systems
  • Dual Cartridge Systems (Sempacks)
  • Pre-Mixed and Frozen Systems
  • Injection and Barrier Kits (Semkits)
  • Bipaks/E-Z Pak
  • Pudding Cups

Our dispensing technologies can be used with a variety of materials:

  • Adhesives: acrylics, epoxies, methacrylates, silicones, urethanes
  • Sealants: polysulfides, polyurethanes, silicones
  • General: additives, catalysts, coatings

Our Technical Account Managers can also help you determine the optimal dispensing solution for your application, obtain dispensing kit samples and develop prototypes. If you have a unique application not addressed by the options provided, please contact us for a customized dispensing consultation.

All of our performance dispensing solutions are prepared and provided in accordance with ISO/AS quality standards.