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Eastman Aviation Solutions is a trusted, innovative supplier of best-in-class aviation products, including Eastman turbo oils, Skydrol™ aviation hydraulic fluids, and SkyKleen™ aviation solvent. Our team of highly experienced aviation professionals strives to build strong relationships with our customers and leverages leading specialty chemistry to create innovative advanced aviation solutions to better serve your needs.

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Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 exhibits best-in-class performance in reducing critical vent tube coking.

Currently, due to the high performance capable (HPC) oil being used, Dare MedFlight is required to clean the engine vent lines on the two engines of its BK-117 helicopter every 15–20 service hours. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process, and as a rapid medical transportation provider, time is of the essence for Dare MedFlight.

“After performing this comparison and seeing the difference between the two products for myself, I requested that our new helicopter be delivered with Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 already in both engines.” —Howard Wilson, director of maintenance, Dare MedFlight

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Observing the significance and benefits of oil performance in reducing engine coking in CFM56-5B engines

The challenge

Demonstrating the significance and benefits of oil performance in reducing engine coking in CFM56-5B engines

The solution

Eastman Turbo Oil 2197™ is proven to reduce or completely eliminate coking in bearing compartments and especially the #5 bearing supply tube on all models of the CFM56 engine, thereby improving maintenance efficiencies and decreasing related costs.

Eastman Aviation Solutions participated in an oil systems review of a Juneyao Airlines CFM56-5B in which Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 has been used exclusively since the engine’s entry into service in December 2006. The engine accumulated 30,312 hours and 15,080 cycles since new and was removed for scheduled performance restoration and core section life-limited parts (LLP) replacement.

Considering the extraordinarily high time on the engine and its 2:1 hour/cycle ratio usage, the engine oil system was exceptionally clean and free of oil-derived deposits.

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Rotorlift Aviation sees significant improvement in oil cleanliness with Eastman Turbo Oil 2197™.

Rotorlift Aviation, a leading Australian aviation company based in Tasmania that operates both rotor and fixed-wing aircraft in a variety of mission applications, has recently identified significant improvements in overall fleet engine health after switching to Eastman Turbo Oil 2197™ fleet-wide. Rotorlift provides search and rescue, firefighting services, training, charter services, and more with their mixed fleet.

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