As an authorized distributor for AkzoNobel Aerospace, we offer high performance coating solutions for the MRO, OEM, defense, structural, and general aviation industries.

Our aerospace paint services include authorization from AkzoNobel to blend, repackage, and distribute for US customers through our Wichita-based distribution facility and color lab. Our Intermix Color Lab is renowned for color matching, color tinting, and quality systems for the aerospace industry.

Intermix Paint Services provide color tinting and blending of up to 10,000 possible colors. If AkzoNobel does not supply the color your project requires, our lab is able to match it and certify products in record time – saving six to eight weeks for the customer.

We offer the following product lines:


  • Factory pack
  • Tinting
  • Repacking
  • Custom color matching
  • Certification

Working with our team of specially trained Intermix production specialists, we can provide the best coating solutions for your aerospace project.

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Success Story: Reducing AOG Maintenance Time

A large aviation maintenance and repair operations service provider was in need of Boeing exterior paint to support a 737-700 NG series aircraft that was down for maintenance. They required a manufacturer’s certificate of conformance to accompany the paint, and needed it as soon as possible. The original paint they requested had a longer lead time and was not able to be certified in time. Our AOG emergency staff was able to supply AkzoNobel Alumigrip 4250 series BAC color BAC93804 for the application, complete the order, produce the paint through our AkzoNobel-approved GracoRoberts’ tint line, and ship on a Saturday to ensure the customer would receive in time. The MRO shop was very pleased with the speed of service and was able to reduce AOG maintenance time drastically, turning the aircraft around for service before the due date, saving money, in the process.