Resodyn Acoustic Mixers

GracoRoberts offers products from Resodyn™ acoustic mixers — revolutionary mixing equipment that uses advanced acoustic technology to replace traditional impeller-based mixer designs.

Resodyn mixers reduce material shear and do not generate heat as part of the blending process — ensuring that materials are not damaged or begin to cure prematurely. These acoustic mixers are popular for difficult or complex mixes and those with high-value base materials. Resodyn mixers are commonly used for rocket propellant, pharmaceutical, ceramic blends, nanotechnology, and other high-value coating and mixing applications.

  • Lower Net Production Costs
  • Increased Conversion and Yield
  • Excellent Blend Results for Complex Mixtures
  • High Mass Transfer Rates
  • Low-Temperature/Low-Shear Mixing
  • No Internal Parts to Clean


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