Huntsman Advanced Materials provides material solutions which enable our customers to build better, stronger, lighter products. Our high-performance composite resin systems, advanced adhesives, electrical insulation systems and specialty protective coatings serve the aerospace, automotive, coatings, construction, electronics, energy and power transmission markets. Huntsman products meet demanding engineering specifications and address customer-specific needs across a wide variety of industrial and consumer applications. We continuously experiment with new chemistries and technologies to fulfill today’s requirements, anticipate tomorrow’s needs, and comply with ever more stringent health, safety and environmental regulations.


Huntsman Producing Hand Sanitizer in the U.S. to Aid in COVID-19 Response

Joining forces with LyondellBasell, Huntsman is  working hand-in-hand to produce hand sanitizer at their manufacturing site in McIntosh, Alabama. 

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New Product: EPIBOND® 215 A/B  Structural Adhesive

With up to 45% better peel, shear and compressive performance than many other structural  adhesives, EPIBOND® 215 A/B adhesive can reduce Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) by 80% and help to lower fuel consumption by replacing metallic bolts and screws with a 75% lighter solution.

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Webinar: Maximize Productivity and Minimize Costs with New Aerospace Structural Adhesives

SAE’s webinar presented by Huntsman introduces the EPIBOND® structural adhesives range, and demonstrates how manufacturers have improved production throughput by up to 80%.

Register here. The webinar is available on demand until Feb 13, 2021.

Epibond 200® A/B Structural Adhesive

When you need high strength and flexibility for demanding applications, Epibond® 200 A/B structural adhesive from Huntsman is ideal. It’s an extrudable, two-component, room temperature-curing system designed for service temps up to 200°F (93°C).  Easy to mix and apply with a 1:1 mix ratio, Epibond® 200 A/B structural adhesive bonds metals, composites and other dissimilar substrates, even in vertical or overhead applications. The fast cure profile provides tack-free performance and handling strength within one work shift, improving productivity in any shop.

Epibond 300® A/B Structural Adhesive

When you need a liquid shim adhesive with high shear strength and high compression, choose Epibond® 300 A/B structural adhesive from Huntsman. It’s extrudable, two-component, room temperature-curing and designed for service temps up to 400°F (204°C). This product reaches cure strength in one work shift and is suitable for bonding a wide variety of materials such as metals, composites and other dissimilar substrates. Epibond® 300 A/B structural adhesive offers a fast cure; rapid build-up of lap shear strength and an easy-to-process mix ratio of 2:1.

Epocast® 1645 FR A/B Edge and Void Filler

If you need to edge fill or reinforce honeycomb structures, check out Epocast® 1645 FR A/B edge and void filler from Huntsman. It offers ultra-low density and is flame-retardant. Epocast® 1645 FR A/B edge and void filler is easy to prepare with a color mix indicator and a 1:1 mix ratio. In addition, the system is water cleanable after use, sets quickly at room temperature and is sandable shortly after application. It is well suited for aerospace applications requiring low density, high strength, and rapid assembly. Meets the requirements of BMS 5-28 Type 9.

Epocast® 1614-A2 Edge and Void Filler

For interior aerospace parts where large areas of core reinforcement are needed, Huntsman has introduced the new Epocast® 1614-A2 edge and void filler. The new product features an 18-month shelf life and long working life (over 8 hrs). It’s a flame retardant, one-component mixed frozen material used to reinforce honeycomb composite parts that require high compressive strength at service temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). Meets the requirements of BMS 5-28, Type 14, Classes 1 and 2, NTR-MS 1301A; Northrop Grumman ACS-MRS-5601 REV D; and GE A15B205D1 ISSUE S2.