GracoRoberts is proud to offer Zip-Chem products. Zip-Chem offers aircraft maintenance chemicals and packaging, interior and exterior cleaning products, corrosion-inhibiting materials, lubricants and greases.

Sur-Prep® is a line of avionics and general purpose surface preparation cleaners and offer specific performance advantages in cleaning efficiency, flammability, VOC’s and other related environmental concerns.

The Aero-Lube® line of aircraft lubricants includes multi purpose greases, silicones, Teflon ® molybdenum disulfide, and graphite lubricants. 
Special purpose Aero Lube ® products are available for high temperature areas, applications requiring penetrating lubricants and prevention of ice build up on rubber seals.

Calla® products are aircraft cleaners for interior and exterior cleaning. These include large surface cleaners for the exterior of the aircraft, parts cleaners, glass cleaners, degreasers, dry wash and polishing products. The Calla ® line also includes disinfectants, odor neutralizers and EPA DfE approved cleaners & disinfectants.

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