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Resin Formulators Thermal Management Solutions Kit

Introducing RF 5407/24: The Future of Thermal Management in Electric Vehicles

The Resin Formulators Thermal Management Solutions Kit is the time-tested and trusted solution for contactor manufacturers serving the electric vehicle industry. This kit packages best-selling products RF 5407 and RF 24, now made available in two of the most popular size configurations. RF 5407 is an easy-to-use, aluminum oxide filled, liquid epoxy resin with excellent electrical insulation properties and high thermal conductivity for electric vehicle applications. RF 24 curing agent enables the resultant plastic to have low shrinkage during cure, excellent thermal stability and conductivity, and be strong and durable for casting.

Our custom formulations have solved challenges for a wide range of electric vehicle applications including circuits, charging systems, battery power management, and contactor relays where temperature stability, thermal cycling, electrical insulation, and/or thermal conductivity are required. Applications also include high voltage relay potting, staking of Li-ion battery cells, and encapsulation of motor windings.

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How RF 5407/24 Transformed Electric Vehicle Power Supply Management

A contactor manufacturer supporting electric vehicle production was seeking an alternative product solution to optimize output and production costs. They wanted to replace the traditional capital expense of legacy ceramic housing production with a sustainable and durable epoxy sealing solution.
 RF 5407/24 was employed as their epoxy system to hermetically seal inert gases within the device, withstand thermal fluctuations, and maintain electrical isolation. With this epoxy system, the customer realized the benefits of increased output and reduced costs in bringing their Electric Vehicle power management devices to market.

RF 5407: A Breakthrough Material for High-Voltage Contactors in Rapid EV Charging Stations

An electronic vehicle component manufacturer needed assistance with the completion of their new 1000 amp high voltage contactor unit, intended for use in rapid charging stations. Standard contactor relays are rated for 500 amps, so a new material was required to withstand the temperatures generated during the transmission of higher frequency currents in a high voltage direct contactor relay.

RF 5407 was identified as both the hermetic seal and thermal management interface solution for the contactor relay‚Äôs surface. The result was an improved power transmission through the relay, enabling the creation of sustainable devices capable of withstanding the necessary temperatures for rapid EV charging. RF 5407 is now a qualified material for their device. 

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