GracoRoberts is your Authorized Distributor of Henkel Aerospace products, including market leaders Bonderite, Emerson & Cuming, Frekote, and Loctite. As a fully Certified and Authorized Distributor, we can provide in-stock products, 100% shelf life from the time of shipment, and the industry’s best specification review prior to shipment. In addition, our team of Technical Account Managers offer personalized expertise and consultations to meet your product and operational needs.

With over 40 years of experience in the aerospace industry, Henkel provides structural adhesives, sealants and surface treatments for OEM and MRO applications. Listed on over 5,000 aerospace specifications, Henkel invests heavily in R&D and product support developing innovative materials which provide customers practical, economical and lightweighting benefits.

The LOCTITE brand portfolio of film and paste adhesives (formerly known as Hysol) address the most demanding assembly and MRO applications of aircraft structures, parts and engines.

Under the BONDERITE brand (formerly known as Turco and Alodine), Henkel’s surface treatment portfolio ensures safe and reliable operations throughout the aerospace value.

GracoRoberts is proud to be an Authorized Distributor of Henkel Electronics, an addition which complements our existing Henkel Aerospace and Industrial Authorized Distributor status. This partnership strengthens our ability to provide the electronics manufacturing industry with solutions to facilitate electrical interconnect, provide structural integrity, offer critical protection, and transfer heat for reliable performance. GracoRoberts will provide Henkel’s quality adhesives for high reliability applications designed for aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), ground and maritime vehicles, satellites, guidance systems, radar, sonar and homeland security with LOCTITE®, TECHNOMELT® and BERGQUIST® product lines.


Thermal Management Materials Showcase – TGF 4500CVO

For applications where robust thermal control and minimal volatiles are necessary, liquid thermal interface materials (TIMs) must provide a balance between high performance and efficient processability. Highlyfilled systems that offer effective heat dissipation often result in high viscosity liquid TIMs that are difficult to dispense. To accommodate for this, a standard practice is to integrate low molecular weight binders to reduce viscosity. However, this approach can create contaminating volatiles harmful for mechanical contacts, optical components and within sensitive environments. Combining excellent thermal performance, a high dispense rate and controlled volatility, BERGQUIST GAP FILLER TGF 4500CVO liquid Gap Filler TIM is Henkel’s solution to this industry challenge. Learn more.

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Urban Air Mobility (learn more)

As the trend of urban living continues to grow globally, the demand for new and innovative Urban Air Mobility (UAM) applications is also increasing. The UAM market, including autonomous flying vehicles, manned drones, and flying taxis, has proven resilient to recent global disruptions, with major aerospace trials moving forward at a swift pace. With decades of experience developing innovative and sustainable adhesives, Henkel has partnered with market-leading suppliers to provide aerospace quality solutions designed to improve and support eVTOL drone and airframe design for the e-mobility of the air

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New Product: Henkel LOCTITE EA 9824 FST AERO

Henkel’s LOCTITE EA 9824 FST AERO is suitable for applications inside the cabin where it needs to meet stringent FST requirements and it is suitable for both manual and manual dispensing. This new interior potting compound provides better flame, smoke, and toxicity performance than current materials used for interiors.

Learn more and request a product sample.

Product Spotlight

Henkel developed BONDERITE® M-CR 871 AERO and BONDERITE® M-CR 1132 AERO coating with the convenient Touch-N-Prep® applicator pen to provide a clean, easy-to-use method of repairing conversion coatings on aircraft and aircraft part surfaces.

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Watch the BONDERITE M-CR 871 AERO application tutorial.

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Lightweight Potting Compounds Provide Enhanced Mechanical Strength


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