Solving Unique Challenges through Custom Engineering

Resin Formulators – exclusively engineered by the manufacturing division of GracoRoberts — is the time-tested and trusted brand of epoxy, urethane, and silicone specialty materials that can be uniquely customized, tested and certified on-demand.

Whether you need a proprietary formulation for a specialty material, are looking to improve cure rates, or simply modify color or viscosity, Resin Formulators can help. Our innovative solutions serve many of the biggest names in engineering, and have solved complex challenges in nearly every manufacturing industry for over 60 years.

Complete with an on-staff chemist, a formulation and packaging team, and a lab designed for state-of-the-art product development, Resin Formulators delivers high-quality and cost-effective solutions that are distinctively tailored to meet your advanced engineering needs.

Applications include:

  • Adhesives
  • Sealants
  • Potting Compounds
  • Encapsulation Compounds
  • Resin Systems
  • Syntactics

Beyond Custom Formulation: Specialty Packaging and Dispensing Resin Formulators doesn’t stop at custom formulation. As part of our customer-focused and service-first approach, every deliverable can be enhanced with specialty packaging and dispensing. Our custom packaging and labeling capabilities help brand and optimize your business. Our dispensing technology ensures precision and safety with every application, eliminating waste and ensuring accuracy at the point-of-use. Tailor the amounts, choose the format, and modify the packaging to work as a complete solution for you and your team of engineers and project managers.

A wide range of services and options are available:

  • Re-packing into smaller containers (gallons, quarts, pints)
  • Barrier kits
  • Single component cartridges
  • Side-by-side cartridges
  • Bi-packs
  • Pudding cups
  • Totes
  • Syringes
  • Pre-mixed and frozen
  • Degassing


SpaceX Sends Special Memento as Thank You to Suppliers 

Resin Formulators was honored to receive a memento from SpaceX celebrating the successful launch of the Crew Dragon capsule on a Falcon rocket and a new era of commercial space exploration.









The U.S. Department of State has officially issued GracoRoberts certification in International Traffic in Arms Registration (ITAR). This certification helps to ensure our compliance with federal regulations regarding defense materials. Click here to view our certification letter.